Ridello – ridesharing app for commuters

Ridello is our own startup focused on ridesharing for commuters, an idea we have had for several years. We believe that smarter commuting together can make a big difference in the world. Studies has shown that 9 out of 10 travels alone in their cars to work every day. That’s not sustainable for the environment or society. The purpose of the initiative is to enrich people and companies with more sustainable travel options, and reduce the problem of traffic jams.

Cooperation with Västtrafik
Together with Västtrafik we are also exploring how ridesharing could help their customers in the event of public transport disturbances.

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Ridello engages the Swedish media

“Skapade app för lokala tågpendlare”

Borås Tidning
“Tågtur indragen – då skapade han app för lokala tågpendlare”

Härryda Posten
“Hindåsbo startar app för samåkning”

Sveriges Radio P4 (ca 20 min in i programmet)
Ridello interviewed by Swedish Radio P4

About the team

Ridello is hosted and developed by Zatsang in cooperation with inUse.

Daniel Falk, App developer
Kristoffer Lem, App developer
Niclas Wahlström, Project leader and innovation designer

Alva Mårdsjö, UX-designer
Annelie Alm, UX-designer, specialized in public transport and sustainable travel
Christoffer Nortier, Visual designer
Johan Bendtsson, UX-strategist